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Attract more clients by giving them an easy, less expensive experience, and visibility of their options… what they are used to in every other area of their lives and expect from their Family Law Attorney.

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State-Specific Documents Calculations & 123 Reports

Securely generate Family Law docs without the hassle, duplicate work, and errors using traditional options

Financial Statement

Separate Propery

Asset Distribution

Child Support

Spousal Maintenance

Support & Distribution Scenario Comparison

Different Child Primary Offset

Certificates of Compliance & Service

DivorceHelp123 walks my clients through the Financial Statement as well as, or better than, a legal assistant.

The fact that the system allows us to revise the Statement as the case progresses makes it so much easier and efficient than anything else that is available.

…it makes the decision to use DivorceHelp123 a no-brainer.

Michael L. Luchetta – Partner, The Law Office of Weeks & Luchetta

Eliminate hassle, duplicate work & errors with DivorceHelp123 Client App

Say “Goodbye” to

  • hounding your clients to finish tons of paperwork and send it to you in inefficient ways
  • tedious data transcription into multiple locations once you finally receive it
  • then starting all over again when it’s time to submit updated disclosures

See Options Side-by-Side for Best Decision Making Visibility

Say “Goodbye” to

  • changing various options back-and-forth without the visibility to compare outcomes side-by-side
  • poor visibility of the differences between the two parties’ perspectives
  • manually creating reports to help clients & decision makers visualize options and possible outcomes, only to be outdated once completed

You & Your Clients Work Securely from Anywhere

Say “Goodbye” to

  • legitimate concern that your office  — and laptops that leave the office  — are not physically secure

  •  IT cost & vigilance for updates, migrations, backups for data corruption and disaster recovery
  •  concern that clients’ spouses may access locally stored files and applications

Potential Clients Choose What’s Easy…

Loyal Clients Return & Refer

Say “Goodbye” to

  • providing the best legal representation but not seeing results in client loyalty
  • wondering… are we still relevant to today’s Family Law client?
  • tons of effort and stress over finding new clients

No Credit Card     Cancel Anytime     Full Access     Free Support     No Contracts

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