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See Options Side-by-Side
for Best Visibility in Decision Making

Help your Clients understand 

  • What if I keep the family home… can I afford that? How will that affect all the other asset decisions?
  • What if we sell all the real estate and QDRO John’s 401K… how would that turn out?
  • How will different parenting schedules affect child support?
  • How will the Court’s decisions regarding income — variable bonuses or imputed income — affect child support?

Give your Decision Maker clear visibility and confidence in your proposals 

    • Simply present the differences between your client’s and the opposing party’s separate property claims and marital asset distribution desires
    • Show three periods for modification of Child Support for job change and then emancipation of oldest child.

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What-if Scenario Comparison: Sell or Keep Family Home, QDRO 401K

Help your clients visualize the potential outcomes of various sell or keep real estate scenarios, and QDRO or not of spouse’s 401K.

Show them only the different allocations — hiding Separate Property and same marital asset allocations —  for clear visibility of only the differences in the scenarios… and how those differences would affect the potential outcomes.

Show Decision Maker the Parties’ Final Proposals Side-by-Side

Give the Judge, Magistrate, Mediator, or Arbiter a clear picture of your client’s and the opposing party’s desires and confidence in your proposals …all at the click of a button.

Updated valuations and balances are automatically reflected in all comparison Excel spreadsheets, print-ready as PDFs.

Child Support: Parenting Time, Income & Expenses Scenarios

Initially, in a Dissolution of Marriage or Union matter — or non-union Allocation of Parental Responsibilities — your clients need to understand and clearly see how

  • overnights
  • variable income
  • and expenses

affect the determination of child support.

Modifications of Child Support can persist for a couple decades

  • changes in jobs
  • changes in parenting time
  • emancipation of each child

with each change, by the time the matter comes to a Decision Maker, there may be multiple         retroactive periods to consider.

What-if Scenario Comparison: How will different parenting schedules affect child support?

As your clients decide how they would like to share parenting time, easily generate reports that show different overnight scenarios side-by-side.

Selecting the report option to show only different values gives clear visibility of the differences and how they affect possible outcomes.

What-if Scenario Comparison: How will variable income affect Child Support?

If one or both parties has variable income, i.e. depending upon bonuses or commissions, the parties will typically want to include the lowest possible income for themselves, and the highest possible option for the other party.  Similarly, if one party is not currently employed there will be a decision regarding if and how much income to impute to that party.

Generate a professional report at the click of a button to give the Decision Maker a clear picture of the two parties’ viewpoints.

Show Decision Maker the Retroactive Child Support Periods

Modification of Child Support matters may occur several times, post-decree, over a couple decades.

By the time Modification matters are being heard by a decision maker, there may be three or four periods to reflect changes that affect child support.

In this sample, one party changed jobs, then the oldest child was emancipated.

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